mercoledì 23 settembre 2009

Today's Running Playlist

Keeping on my "losing weight project" I'm realizing how hard can be when you're 40 as I haven't lost one single F. kilo so far.
Telling the truth, I'm not trying the hardest I can but at least I'm not giving up and today's warmth is giving me some more energy today.
Setting up my Running playlist (which I don't always prepare as I every once and again prefer to play random mode) I feel today inspired by some 80's new wave rhythm and when I think to my 80's wave I think to Simple Minds, by Muse which I'm getting to know better and better, by a mix of catchy, electronic, rock sounds and of course by Radiohead, who are source of inspiration since a very long decade.

A Wolf At The Door - Radiohead
Hunter And The Hunted - Simple Minds
Big Sleep - Simple Minds
Endlessly - Muse
Myxomatosis - Radiohead
Nei Nostri Luoghi - Subsonica
Promises - The Cranberries
Plug in Baby - Muse
Keep Talking -Pink Floyd
Porch - Pearl Jam

mercoledì 16 settembre 2009

My unconvenient truth

While zapping with my remote control some night ago I came across with Al Gore "unconvenient truth" which actually it was long time on my pending list movies.
I didn't need to be convinced or moved cause it's quite some time that the whole Global Warming matter is catching my attention in a particular way, but I got more aware and more scared.
Under estimate the problem I've always believed it's not just a privilege of some very powerful politician, it's a matter of everyday and common people's inaccuracy, among
I don't opportunistically ride the wave of the good environmentalist now, with my thousands of mistakes which everyday I do or I am forced to do, but I did change my lifestyle since some time, step by step.
Little and easy tasks:
Fuck the plastic bags, I'm using a low environment impact bag (still guilty, I forget it sometime).
Recycling always, I got 3 new little boxes in order to differentiate my trash.
No air conditioned if not absolutely necessary, no wasted heat in the house when I'm not there or when it's not really needed.
Eating local food as much as it's possible whenever I'm on a journey.
More complicated tasks:
One above all, trying not to use car (mainly) or motocycle as much as it's possible and here I face a very tricky point:
Rome as like as most of the cities in Italy, is the most disappointed place where someone could live without dealing with traffic jam and related car pollution.
No bicycles allowed on any kind of metro/train, no cycle tracks through a decent long path, no subway efficiency in covering the whole town or the best part of it (e.g. London), no easy connection bus/underground.
Still, no OPEN MENTALITY in really wanting to do this, we are "il bel paese" as well as we're very ignorant and governed by the worsts.
On my side, together with my being impressed by road accidents (and in Rome you face them almost everyday) and an opportunistic need of some more motion, I'm facing these last few days a little sacrifice of 50 minutes Home-->Office (and viceversa) instead of the usual maximum 20 minutes by scooter.
Of course it's not just walking, it's a mixed transportation path, that is:
Few minutes of bus from home to Train Station, 9 minutes to my Office closest metro Station, 1.8 km by walk in 20 minutes.
not much time to read a book, which I bring with me anyway, many minutes stolen to my out office precious time, but still is a good begin on which work a litte.
buying a very second-hand bycycle to leave at the metro station to ride till office, using the car only from home to the closest metro.
Can't be everyday, can't be in any condition, let's keep on trying to put a single jigsaw in this very big puzzle.

venerdì 4 settembre 2009

English Course

One of the "must" of this blog is to practise the English Language as much as it's possible.
I do post often in English and as much as I could I've always tried to keep track of things I've been learning with years.
You know, things like this you need to read and read again to stick them into your mind, so here you are a little shot of my knowledge as I wrote Idioms (which I adore), phrasal verbs or simply words that are unknown to me and that need to be recorded somehow.
I don't know wether will ever be useful to someone else, but a dedicated section on the sidebar is probably worthing the while.
P.S. I got aware of limitations with Blogger in creating static pages so it's not possible to link something to another page inside the same blog account.
To partially solve the problem I found a work around creating posts with old data (so they won't appear as last post) and then create on the sidebar a link to it.
Not much of a big deal but better than nothing !!!

giovedì 3 settembre 2009

The longest way home.

I've came across an article on the web this morning, about a man and his blog that is online to describe a long trip around the world.
It's not just a trip, a man from Protugal, Dave aged 33, leaves anything he owns to find his "home", the best place to live in this earth, at least according his desires.
While travelling he is persuaded to track somehow sensations, opinions and thoughts about the place he is visiting, so that he creates and updates a blog:
Every site has its review, do's and do not's, photos, recommendations and other useful stuff in a way that makes of this blog a very interesting one.
Also interesting the interactive nature of it, people suggests him place to see, how to get a job, a sponsor and he always answers, give people suggestions on the place he has been.
It's not a person the main actor of this blog, it's the idea, the project of finding the best place so that it's probably not the final destination the best part of it, but the road to get it.
As it's easily comprehensible, I've been fascinated by this project cause in a way it's the best evolution of my little blog project (also names are similars) where sharing ideas and visited places was the basic idea.
Furthermore finding a perfect place to live is my ongoing fantasy (see also previous posts) since ages :-)