lunedì 12 aprile 2010

To commute (Vita da pendolare)

It seems it wasn't enough my sentimental life as a Commuter, better said "weekend lovers", that I had to experience a real commuter working experience.
After ten years of glorious "maximum 15 minutes distance to work", I've been sent to the other side of the town for some meaningless and totally unuseful (that's normal in IT environment) consultancy period.
Drive the car to closest metro station, jump the first train, switch to another train line, get the final stop and take a bus to final destination.
All in all, 1 hour and plus minutes from house to job, all in all, not so bad.
I mean, there is a lot to gain being close to work, especially in Rome, on the other side there is a lot to gain being in a seat, book in your hand and music in your ears.
No traffic jam, no screaming at improbables drivers, no danger, time to read, time to stare and to study people around you.
I know, it may seems meaningless to stare at some other people, but i find it interesting somehow.
Life sometimes pass just through people eyes and tells you a lot of a moment in time, I look at them and I see black and white pictures in my mind, faces that I would like to print in a photo and let them speak through it.
Time to read, time to stare, time to practice some street (metro) life picture.


mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Quote of the day

Oggi l'Italia è una democrazia della televisione che si fonda sull'immunità della classe dirigente
(Nichi Vendola on "L'Internazionale" )

Improbable English Translation:
Today Italy is a television democracy based on the immunity of its governing board.