lunedì 25 agosto 2008

"The Band's visit"

It's been a bit silent this blog lately, and I like to be a sort of back on track with one of the things I like the most: movies.
I wouldn't say just movies, but some particular movie, one of those which normally isn't a box-office Champion and neverthless, a very interesting one !!!
It was "Everything is illuminated" a year ago, it's "The Bands visit" today.
The Alexandria (Egypt) Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrives in Israel to play at the opening of an Arab Cultural Center and from that moment on, it's a sequel of unlucky events that takes the Band to bump into different culture, different people, different places.
As always it's not a technical critic which I'm going to do here, but a sort of slow-delivery emotion which flows back to me, that strange sensation when you leave the cinema and images or feelings keep on walking with you for a while.
A bit slow in some part, it' full of sense of humour everywhere else with a bitter/sweet conclusion : loneliness has not boards and can unite people of any kinds.
Enjoy it if you have chance :-)