martedì 23 febbraio 2010


I know I might seem pathetic and repetitive about Radiohead and everything turns around them, but I feel like to express my feelings about it today.
I've passed through several different musical moments in my life, most of them related to "easy targets" like Beatles (that's when I was 15), like some Italian group or very classical "teenager" Duran Duran.
I've passed through the Depeche Mode fashion or a long lasting U2 love (what a disappointment today !!!), more or less all disappeared in the mist of my 40 year old age.
As matter of facts, I've never been an open-minded listener, someone who is longing to experience new sounds and search for new groups, I'd rather say I've always been a chance listener that every once and again happened to be surprised by a voice or a song.
So I still remember the day I did receive a tape on my lousy walkman and played that music in a dark room at night time: Radiohead live at Glastonbury (1997), OK Computer tour.
I got chills.
It's probably Thom Yorke's voice which is able to reduce you to tears, it's probably their constant research for new sounds and new style, maybe their ideas about politics and environment or their way of never being commercial or "stars", fact is, I never got sick of them.
13 years later, in front of my laptop, trying to survive to the boreness of my Job I still have Radiohead on my less-lousy iPod and among 1000 of different tracks, new groups on the tryout playlist and a growing need to experience something new, they're a sort of homecoming anytime they "show up".
Following an emotional extract (unfortunately not excellent quality video) of that Glastonbury 1997 first approach of mine to them.

venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

White White Rome !!!

There were "rumours" about possible snow falling in Rome this friday, something I had never experienced in the capital during the last 10 years.
There have been rumours already in the last decade, but people here really doesn't believe it cause a white Rome is something that happens once in twenty years.
Well, when this morning I absent-mindedly pull up the curtains, here you are how everything looked to me: