martedì 20 luglio 2010

Touring the USA (June 2010) : San Francisco

I got Married.Stop.
I spent one month on Honeymoon.Stop.
I travelled, we travelled A LOT !!! Stop.
First step of "on our own" travel, San Francisco.
When you imagine a place and it's like the way you imagined it, sometimes can be a let down , sometimes you love it.
I loved it.
"The Frisco Bay" it's like you paint it in your thoughts, uphills and downhills all the way through, a strong visual impact almost from every spot, allowed and free to be who you really are, whatever you are, wherever you are.
The book guide says: San Francisco was since ages the town where every "rejected" from society could find its shelter, since then this spirit of embracing people from every spot has been kept, you'll easily find people ready to help you as soon as you'll look in trouble".
Thought it was only a book guide advertise, I had to reconsider it and believe it's true, no way of puzzling on the town map without someone stopping and offering to help (for free).
I don't know whether this spirit belongs only to "Frisco", neither I could tell what of this city belongs to Americans, I only got the clear impression I was inside of a meltin pot of cultures, a worldwide mix of faces and styles in the same place.
At the end we spent 3 days in town, loving the long walks through it's straight paths, enjoying the lovely temperature (it will be the best through the whole USA tour) and even appreciating the fresh food from the Fisherman Wharf.
Would I ever live there ?
Yes indeed !!!

Travel informations:

- Restaurant Pompei's Grotto:
As matter of facts, any restaurant at Fisherman Wharf should be as reliable as not cheap, we just tried this one and it offered really tasty and fresh crabs, as well as other seafood.
- Hotel Le Meridien San Francisco:
- This was an excellent hotel and very well located (close to Battery Street), honestly it was on a honeymoon budget, therefore a bit expensive for a normal traveller (which I am in most of my trips:-)

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