mercoledì 12 marzo 2008

Il Comico Costantini

There are Nights when you have time to waste, let's say on Vacation, let's say in a Foreign country.
Make you are a bit drunk, you do stupid stuff...VERY STUPID stuff.
Here you are directly from S.Sebastian Spain, our favourite Massimo Costantini's performance.
If you wanna see him in action, please check any restaurant, party or overcrowded place in Pescara and "around" :-)

martedì 11 marzo 2008

IF...I had time !!!!

IF I had time i would be spending my days "taking my time".
I would cross this town on shiny days and look what's up around this wonderful town, i could probably lay down on some stretch of green and read a book, listening to music or just look through my camera instead.
I could, should, would make so many other things but i'm rushing all the time instead these days, my million Mortgage documents to find, furniture to choose, heavy working hours and all those things i have left suspended in my life and need to be finished.
English (luckily internal to company) course, swimming course, guitar course bla i really used to be so (un)efficient?
And what about this blog left "unspoken" a whole month?