martedì 9 marzo 2010

Prague 2010

As my girlfriend has bumped into a very convenient offer, 200€ for flight + 3 nights, we overcame our mistrust in agencies offers and decided to seize the opportunity of 3 days in Prague.
Result: no complaints at all.
Some inexperienced traveller may not know Prague is considered by many reports, the most beautiful town in the world and, from an objective point of view, it may be true.
Take the tube, get off any central metro station, enjoy a breathless impact to a first sight to the town.
You may not like a Bohemian style, you may want to experience a more "lived" town but you just can't avoid to see beauty all around and appreciate how a walk between its narrow streets just brings you to fairy tale sensations.
The same question again: would I ever live there ?
Not really.
I mean, if Berlin got a good point of being Cosmopolitan, Prague it is not.
Despite the astonishing beauty of its architecture, the transports efficiency and a general cleanliness of all its spots, I take a step backward from its cold weather, an useless (at least to me) idiom and some very personal incompatible lifestyle, as food or cold-actitude.
Neverthless, this was my second visit to the town and I don't regret a single moment I've seen it again.
Travel Informations and photos will be following.

Travel Informations:
- Hotel Ibis:
just average hotel, well located but still Prague can offer much better locations at cheaper prices.
- Restaurant Kolkovna: (
good and typical food at good prices. Excellent Beer. Recommended
- Restaurant Bellevue:
Location with an excellent view, it's all it can offers. For a romantic dinner I've been robbed with a HUGE bill, receiving just average food and wine.
Professional stealers and ABSOLUTELY NOT RECOMMENDED.