venerdì 31 ottobre 2008

Autumn just came out of my office window

As often happened in the last few years, summer is extending its warm benefits until November, until Rome and i guess the whole south of Italy.
As always occurring, there's a strange feeling about all this, too many months ahead until next hot and then rain, cold, grey...whatsoever.
Neverthless there's a sort of "wind of change" which still makes me wishing all this, warm sweaters, hot chocolates, (luckily and rarely)snow falling, the smell of "burning" chimneys, NO F. mosquitos, to feel home protected when outside is pouring and mostly those long and very relaxing Sundays at home.
Those Sundays when out of the window nothing tells you to get out and you have lot of time to spend on playing, reading, watching Movies...or simply taking your sacred time.
I spent some time in Caracas years ago, enough time to enjoy the wonderful endless warm through the whole year, enough time to think that could be the perfect weather, but still not complaining about what Europe, or better Italy, has to offer me.
Changing seasons, changing clothes, tastes, food, humour and all the colors of this world.