venerdì 8 gennaio 2010

Berlin 2009

Coming back from this third and finally "deep into" experience, a sort of strange sensation arises leaving Berlin: am I currently living in the jungle ?
I'm aware I keep on being too ironic about the Italian lifestyle and I also guess these times they do demand for it, but I believe there is something more than the usual Italy vs Europe fight, with all pro and cons it is made of.
Berlin it surely has all the "cons" of a north European town: cold weather, polite but unfriendly people (Germans...OF COURSE!!!), a made up mind, unhealthy food.
It surely has the known "pro" as well: efficiency, cleanliness, order.
What more about the well known?
It costs nothing, probably the cheapest capital in Europe.
It is Spacious with its wide squares, large streets and huge stretches of green.
It's modern, a costant growing wave of wonderful designed buildings with Potsdamer Platz (years ago completely desert) and the German Parlament (Reichstag) above all.
It's well connected with a very branched subway, cycle tracks everywhere and no traffic jam at all.
Is this all suficient to believe am I living in a jungle called Rome ?
Yes it is, the most beautiful Jungle perhaps, a place where eyes are rapt by such a magnificence every single day, where sun is often shining and people can be as unpolite as really friendly, where food is special as well as the whole Italian fashion.
Would it be so Fucking difficult make a first damn step to civilizations ?
My bicycle is set and waiting on the balcon to climb a metro station for the first time in its life :-(
P.S. Travel Information, we liked our stay in the Leonardo royal hotel ( ) , 70 euros per night the whole room, close to Alexander platz, clean and well designed location.