venerdì 21 maggio 2010

Morocco 2009: part 2

The rest of our trip starts from Marrakech and it cross the country in a sort of circle route that ends in Casablanca again, but everything on the way is as breathless as susrprising.
I 've always heard, from various travellers that Morocco is a great place to visit but I realize I had never known why, until I could drive along the way and see, and I have seen:
green, REAL green fields mixed with red ground rocks, covered in snow mountains, long stretch of infinite landscapes and lonely road through them, the desert with its silence and its million stars above it, free children all around the place.
What I can clearly remember is having a stop after miles of driving and just stand there to stare everything around, sometimes in the middle of nothing but nature.
It might have been the Grand Canyon, it might have been Switzerland, it might have been everything but my idea of Morocco, at the end a multiple faces and costantly changing colors country.
I could write more about it but I'll probably be boring and too long, hope then photos may give a better idea more than my words are doing so far.

Travel Informations:

- Guest House Dar Qamar (Agdz):
this guest house is managed by French people and really is in the middle of nothing, but as you get in it's totally another world.
Clean, silent, comfortable, cheap (around 70 euro per room) great and natural food with an excellent swimming pool.
Women may like to know that Brad Pitt and all the staff have slept there while shooting Babel :-)

venerdì 14 maggio 2010

Marrakech Express (2009) : Morocco Part 1

One of the most exotic trips I've ever done, it started on March the 7th and for 9 days it took us around the Central part of Morocco.
Four person, no real plans, a car rented and some book guide, we immediately left the horrible, dirty and industrial Casablanca (landed and took off from here) to drive to Marrakech.
I guess people is expecting Marrakech as the most exotic place in the world, but from my point of view, as like as my travel mates, surely over-rated.
The big and very famous Market plaza, the Medina, is full of colors and people dancing or playing all the time, but the more you get into its narrow streets the more you face the bad side of this culture : DIRTNESS.
I don't feel comfortable in labeling a country like that, but it's something that comes out from every spot and that, with all respect, you notice it's part of their culture.
Then, as the strangest thing, right in the middle of this market mess and through its narrow streets walls you open a door and find the other world: the Riad.
This tipical oriental and luxurious guest house is something that European, mostly French, have arranged to offer a comfortable and exotic stay into town, a door that separates two worlds, so close, so distant.
After some day into town we started what we consider our real trip and our real knowledge of the country (in the map Below the track of our route).
P.S. I had to post it a year ago but I forgotte it somehow :-(