giovedì 30 luglio 2009

Travel Informations

I've always wanted to create something useful in order to track down informations about my trips.
Here you are my "Travel Information" link (on the sidebar) with worthy places I've had the fortune to experience, could it be nice (and of course cheap) Hotels as like Restaurants or Pubs or whatever.
I thought could be of some help to anyone interested in visiting those places and also good to me, to remind me nice memories.

martedì 28 luglio 2009

"Feisbuc" Time

I've been rooting around the web lately, specifically blogs and I've noticed many of my friends have disappeared a bit, myself included telling the truth.
I'm sure it's a general condition and surely as "Video killed the radio stars", Facebook has killed blogs and similars.
I guess it's the opportunity of being fast, over-exposed to the whole world and mostly it's this strong curiosity of giving a look to someone else's life.
Surely questionable things, but still good the opportunity of sharing ideas and informations or the chance to pull out from your past someone who had disappeared in the mist.
Neverthless, when something becomes so popular it can gets weary and as always "everything can be fine only if used with intelligence".
This means, I DO NOT:
- post "I need to go to the bathroom"
- send and receive any "hug or kisses"
- get fan of Coca Cola or "Kissing into the sea"
- allow anyone who's not somehow special to me, to scan my trousers.

and I should not abandon this blog.
When I first created it, I wanted to share my life with people I met and spread all the world, as everything could be lost with time if I had not created this link.
Now I feel like I'm all alone over here, a sort of intimacy with my blog while everybody else is surely on Facebook right now, and it makes me somehow feel comfortable.
It will probably be that when you are 40 you find it stupid to be in the spotlight or you're just getting an old grumbler, so that I'll keep my FB link with all the world but I'll prefer to find a proper time to write something more personal here.