domenica 5 settembre 2010

Touring the USA (June 2010): New York

Here we are on the third and last step of our USA tour, the big Apple.
I shouldn't waste my time describing the "obvious" of a town which is over-exposed by thousands of movies, images and stories that comes to us through television or books.
Neverthless, no matter how much you've been told about a place, monument or even a woman, the real beauty is always surprising you somehow.
New York is not beautiful in the sense you would describe Rome, Prague or Paris, it has the beauty of being real till bones.
It surely wraps you with its skyscrapers, parks, sparkling lights, infinite and straight roads , but it also shows you the dark side of its face.
Million of hard workers walks the elegant streets of Manhattan, either in lousy clothes or nice suit, black people, asian faces, thousands of other faces that draw no clear limit between tourists and inhabitants.
If you are in New York you are a number among millions and if you are a number you can feel as alone as in a desert or you can just feel as free as a bird.
Either you feel alone or free you may want to see the art all around, between museums and squares full of musician, you may want to have a run along the Hudson river or have a seat in some very nice pub or restaurant.
You may want to do all this, or just have a rest after a long day of work.
If you are not the lucky one, you normally have more than one job to survive the expends of an expensive town, where millions of spanish words (so many from the Central/South America !!!) are filling the air of every hotel, shop, restaurant.
If you are like me you would like to live in a place where jumping from a metro station (as old as efficient) and walk to destination is the only way.
If you are like me, you'd keep this town as a black and white picture (so dear to me :-) in your mind, the picture of a town where everything is possible and it never seems to catch up with things to do and see.

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